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  • 1 Year

GITD with a mission of empowering women through education, offers you our Pre-primary teachers training course through full-fledged live interactive online classes, in order to make you a successful professional like Pre-primary teacher, early childhood educator, nursery teacher, early childhood curriculum developer, course coordinator, preschool supervisor, preschool manager consultant preschool vice principal and the choices are many

 Exam fee as applicable.

The profession of the primary teacher has opened a promenade for career walkers. The issue of unemployment after acquiring many degrees and post-graduations is one of the prime issues that hunt the contemporary generation. Our pre-primary teacher training can be a desirable option for them.

Our course can offer a great opportunity to learn the process and technique of teaching and the candidate can be a competent teacher for the young learner. Our pre-primary teacher training course makes you an indispensable qualification to start a career in this field.

Children are not only the base of future society but also the posterity and the future of the country at the same time. Being the future global citizens, the education of these children is therefore important. That is the reason teaching of the children is one of the prime areas of consideration from the social context. Our pre-primary teacher training course can help you to develop your career and at the same time, it helps the students prepare them for the forthcoming future.

Syllabus at a glance and course highlights

 The highlight of our course is the well-built and in-depth curriculum which mainly focuses on the segments like computer fundamentals, child Psychology & child development, Pre School education & management, Health nutrition & hygiene, communicative English & GK along with effective demonstration classes and teaching practice.

 We provide our class through full-fledged live interactive online classes using advanced technologies and teaching aids. As the course is presented in online mode, which makes it flexible enough to allow the students to learn at their own pace from any part of the world.

 As it is a professional course with great demand, it assures hundred percent job security and makes you a non dependable earning member within a short time period and with less expense.