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  • 10 to 12 Months

Are you in search of a professional career in the beauty industry, there’s no time like the present. Beauty and Cosmetology are one of the industries that are hardly affected by recession or economic downfalls.As one of the top Vocational Training Institute in kerala and having an experience of 15 years, we are proud to help you to turn your passion into an exciting and successful career and make you a vibrant professional in beauty care.

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 The beauty industry is blooming day by day, as all the people want to look good; not only to boost their confidence but also to present themselves well amongst their peers. Like men and women, kids to old ages are fashion and beauty conscious nowadays and spending more time and money than ever before on personal care services. All these helped the beauty industry to grow in exciting new ways with vibrant career opportunities. With our Professional diploma in beautician in your hand, you can work as a freelancer, take the entrepreneurial route by opening your own professional beauty parlour; or join hair and beauty salons, nail bars, derma clinics, spa centres or fashion and modelling agencies. .Besides you can work as Professionals specialists in Bridal make up & wedding works, Nail Care Artists, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist Manufacturer, Fashion Show Stylist, Cosmetology Instructor, Beauty Magazine Writer etc

Syllabus at a glance

 Scope of beauty therapy, Health and beauty, Beauty parlour management, know about equipments, client care, grooming hygiene and safety, complete study of physiology, anatomy and beauty care of hair and skin, all types of make ups, saree draping (12 types), flower setting & gold setting for different occasions, hair cut (14 types), Hair styles (35 types)bridal hair style(10 types), party hair styles (10 types), casual hairstyles (5 types)

Course highlights

 Well explained theories followed by its detailed practical session using models, dummies and real clients as well with sessions included for students to practise. This method of teaching helps the students to gain authentic knowledge and self-confidence while dealing with beauty care.

 Along with beauty therapy, we impart necessary knowledge on anatomy and physiology so that the student can know which area should get the massage done to benefit them, and also be aware of the diseases and disorders that can affect the skin and hair and what care should be taken through beauty therapy.

 To attain the goal of career development for the students, along with a well-structured curriculum for exploring the in-depth topics of beauty care, we provide technical training in digital marketing through social media background like facebook, instagram, google, amazon, flipkart etc. which is another highlight of our course which make us the best choice for the aspirants who would like to be a vibrant professional beautician by all means