GITD - fashion designing institute


  • 5 Month

GITD offers you an Certificate Course in Garment Making And Designing

 NCRE Mahila Udyog has been designed and implemented with the aim of imparting job training to women and housewives and thereby raising the standard of living and empowering women and housewives to stand on their own feet

 This course is being implemented with the understanding that most of the problems and difficulties faced by women today will be solved.

 Garment making and designing is a high earning field for housewives and women without depending on anyone else

 Good training is essential to design and manufacture clothes according to changing fashions. Only those who have received expert training can succeed in this field

 Training from ordinary sewing training centers in rural areas does not make you a good designer tailor. But with this program you get expert training and become a designer tailor

 The scheme aims to train economically disadvantaged and common people to become a designer tailor and thereby enable them to earn higher income.