GITD is a well-run organization that focuses primarily on empowering women to achieve financial independence with the aim of improving their lives. We provide programmes including highly sought-after fashion design and beautician training. We as an institute provide chances for students to take part in fashion shows, exhibitions, and other occasions so they may display their work and get exposure to the business. We give students a solid basis for design ideas and support the growth of their creativity, technical proficiency, and critical thinking skills. To assist women in their personal and professional growth, we may provide various services and programmes, such as leadership development, career guidance, and financial literacy. By giving women all the resources they require, we give them all the support they need to succeed and help them create a more equitable and just society for all.

Why Fashion Designing & Beauty Care

As a result of the quick changes in trends and demands, many skill courses will be out of date or have a short lifespan, with endless work prospects in fashion and beauty care. As long as people are around, costumes and aesthetic care are important to society. So, it is clear that there will always be a big demand for fashion designers and beauticians, both in India and overseas, in the present and the future. GITD provides you with dynamic and improved diploma programmes in fashion design and beauty care with a long-term perspective on limitless potential.


GITD is a leading institute in Kerala that offers high-quality skill development courses to empower women to achieve financial independence and improve their lives. We offer a range of courses, including fashion designing and beautician training, to equip women with the skills they need to succeed in the fashion and beauty industries. Our diploma courses in fashion design provide students with a solid foundation in design principles, technical proficiency, and critical thinking skills. We also offer a diploma course in beauty care to help women develop the skills they need to become professional beauticians.

Our courses are developed in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and relevance. We provide our students with opportunities to participate in fashion shows, exhibitions, and other events to showcase their work and gain exposure to the industry.

GITD - fashion designing institute

Our Mission

Our mission is to empowering Women through Skill Education

Imparting Skills & Empowering Women Lives Socially and Economically Independent

Our Vision

Our vision is to help women advance economically and socially so they may join the workforce quickly and for less money and become independent earners.

To enable women to achieve professional success and be qualified to handle a range of important professions in the industry's expanding textile and fashion sectors.
GITD - fashion designing institute