GITD is a speciality institution in Fashion Designing, Beautician and Pre Primary Teachers Training and was established with the objective of developing skills to bring women into mainstream of society and to attain financial independence through the skill courses like fashion designing and beautician which is always in huge demand. The skill courses provided by GITD are updated and with highest quality and in collaboration with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Under Ministry of Skill Development, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) under Government of Kerala. We are proud to announce that over 15 years, thousands of women in India have been raised to the level of self-sufficiency along with self-esteem through the skill development courses offered by GITD.

Why Fashion Designing & Beauty Care

Many of the Skill Courses will be outdated or short lived as per the rapid changes in the trends and demands. Where fashion & beauty care stands alone with never ending job opportunities. Costumes and beauty care are essential to the society, as long as the human exists. So no doubt, Fashion designers and beauticians are always in huge demand, in India as well as abroad, at present and in future too. With a long vision of the endless opportunities, GITD offers you vibrant and upgraded Diploma courses in Fashion Designing & Beauty Care.


Our Mission

Our mission is to empowering Women through Skill Education

Imparting Skills & Empowering Women Lives Socially and Economically Independent

Our Vision

Our vision to uplift women socially and economically to a non-dependent earning members within a short period with fewer fees

To empower women to Skilled Professionals, capable of handling various prestigious jobs for the rapidly growing fashion & textile sectors