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  • 27 July 2022
5 Important Elements of Fashion Design

Some of the leading fashion designers, people who manufacture garments, and textile experts are all concerned about a bunch of common things year after year, fashion season after season. These are the elements of fashion that combine in the fashion design

  • colour

  • Silhouettes

  • Fabric

  • Body Shape

  • Balance and Rhythm


Fashion Designers in India, say that the first thing, we all consider while choosing a garment is the colour. The value and intensity of the shade used, the proportion of different colours used, the hues of the accessories used, and where exactly are the colours placed on a garment, all of these things are important in the fashion designing process. The same garment that looks beautiful on one person can look hideous on another. One of the major factors that result in this difference in visual perception is the colour of the garment. Hence designers are particularly concerned about the best use of colours in their creations. Colour is at the centre stage of fashion.


The silhouette is one of the most important elements of fashion design. It is the basic shape, outline and style of the clothing. The most important dress silhouettes are as follows:

  1.  Sheath silhouette

  2.  A-line silhouettes

  3.  Straight Column silhouette

  4.  Hourglass silhouettes

  5.  Bell silhouettes


Fabric is undoubtedly the most important factor to keep in mind before choosing a garment. The fabric must have a nice smooth texture, the colour of the fabric must be as per the client’s choice and the fabric must be soft on the skin. There are many more aspects to keep in mind before choosing the fabric, that as whether the fabric loses colour when put in water or does it lose its texture or its durability.

Body shape

When you wear clothes, you definitely want to look the best in them. And the dress you wear must suit you and compliment your skin tone. But as we know everyone is unique in their own ways and everyone is blessed with a unique body shape. You must choose the clothes according to your body shape, which will compliment your body and your curves.

Balance & Rhythm

This refers to the balance in the shape of the body, colour, emphasis and every important element of fashion design combined to make a good outfit. A dress that compliments your look and style.

The designer creates outfits in a way that both the front and back of the dress are the same without any change in them. The lines, shape, colour and texture can result in different rhythms.


This refers to lines in the garment that separates its shape like waistline, neckline, and hemline; then there are style lines which are basically seams. These lines and their correct placement are very important in the composition of the garment. Lines are combined or arranged strategically to create different visual dimensions.

The two types of design lines are straight lines and curved lines. Straight lines can be horizontally placed, vertically placed or diagonally placed. A curved line can be almost spherical or gently curved so as to look almost like a straight line. Curved lines give the appearance/effect of roundness and straight lines that of slimness, though there are exceptions like a horizontal line that can look like broadness. Diagonal lines like that of a cross-over jacket create an asymmetrical line across the body.