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With more women being self-employed each year, we are here to train you with the right skills to step up. With the right skill set, there is nothing that can stop you


With the courses we provide you, the multitude of purpose at the current day and age is higher than it was ever, with a completion of each course, nothing can stop you now


With the productive courses that we offer, you now can always be self-employed with flexible hours, say goodbye to unemployment and boring retirement plans


Let the lock-down not stop you! With the online classes, now you can now stay at home pursue your passion. We will provide interactive classes in all circumstances.

GITD – Kerala’s largest pioneering vocational training institute network for the fashion, textile & beauty sector, with the goal of ‘Imparting skills & empowering women lives socially and economically independent’. GITD is an ISO 9001-2008 certified educational institution providing industry oriented quality training in fashion designing, accessory designing, jewellery designing, beauty care etc in association with Government agencies like BSS, National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC) Under Ministry of Skill Development,  Additional Skill Aquisition Programme(ASAP) under Government of Kerala etc.  Over the 15 years GITD has also been providing thousands of skilled professionals per annum, capable of handling various prestigious jobs for the rapidly growing fashion, textile & beauty sectors through more than 300 centres all over Kerala.

Why worry about covid 19 challenges?  Get ready for covid 19 opportunities.

As we know COVID 19 created lots and lots of challenges all around. But if we think positively, COVID 19 opened a new online world of opportunities for those, who can change themselves according to the demands. With a long vision to train you for the various upcoming opportunities, GITD is ready to provide you skill education and build your career. What you have to do is change your attitude, join with us and secure your bright future without any delay.

First, in India, GITD proudly introduces an Integrated Professional Diploma in Fashion Designing with vibrant class room classes along with full-fl...
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INR 8,000
This courses enables the candidates to gain the skills required for both Cosmetology & Beauty Parlour Management. This course spans across 4-6 ...
1 Lectures
4 to 6 Months
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INR 3,500
Students are armed with the skill that encompasses the concept of beauty. By the end of this course the candidate with have both theoretical and pr...
18 Lectures
8 - 10 Months
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INR 6,000
This comprehensive course trains the candidates to be employed as teachers for the pre-primary classes. The training of the same extends up to a ye...
54 Lectures
1 Year
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INR 5,360
GITD offers you an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Designing which will give you an advanced understanding of Fashion Designing and Garment. Constructi...
3 Lectures
1 Year
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INR 6,000
GITD welcomes you to our Diploma in Fashion Designing, an entry level basic course which will make you an expert in Basic Fashion Designing and Gar...
1 Lectures
1 Year
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INR 4,000

Why Skill Course

What we gain after the long traditional education system after plus two, like degree, post graduation, Btech, MBA etc. is nothing but loss of our valuable time, money, effort and a bitter fact of unemployment.

There comes the importance Skill education. Skill education not only save our precious time, money and effort but also make us self employed, self reliable and independent earning member throughout our life without any retirement. That’s why govt.of India now started several initiatives for skill development like ‘National Skill Development Corporation’ (NSDC)

GITD & Women Empowerment

  • Provide skill education to women with less fee in less time
  • Empower women as an independent earning member thought their life
  • Empower women’s self esteem
  • Empower women’s family status
  • Empower women’s social status
  • Empower women to the main stream

Why Fashion Designing & Beauty Care

Many of the Skill Courses will be outdated or short lived as per the rapid changes in the trends and demands. Where fashion & beauty care stands alone with never ending job opportunities. Costumes and beauty care are essential to the society, as long as the human exists. So no doubt, Fashion designers and beauticians are always in huge demand, in India as well as abroad, at present and in future too. With a long vision of the endless opportunities, GITD offers you vibrant and upgraded Diploma courses in Fashion Designing & Beauty Care.



Our Mission

Empowering Women through Skill Education

Our Vision

To empower women to skilled professionals, capable of handling various prestigious jobs for the rapidly growing fashion, textile & beauty sectors and to uplift women socially and economically to an independent earning member within a short period with less fees.

Students Voice

Prasi Shibu on GITD
Prasi Shibu former GITD student speaks about women empowerment and how GITD helped her to achieve the same
Shailaja on Women Empowerment
Shailaja former GITD student speaks about women empowerment and how GITD helped her to achieve the same
Soya Henry on Women Empowerment
Soya Henry former GITD student speaks about women empowerment and how GITD helped her to achieve the same
Nimmi Jobin on GITD
Nimmi Jobin former GITD student speaks about women empowerment and how GITD helped her to achieve the same

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