• fashion
  • 27 July 2022

Fashion design is one of the most popular design speciality talents among students. Every year, millions of people enrol in different Fashion Designing courses across the globe, hoping to become well-known fashion designers one day.

Haute Couture Fashion

Haute couture is at the pinnacle of the fashion design hierarchy. Haute couture refers to the production of limited-edition, custom-fitted clothing, and accessories that are one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Luxury Fashion

The fashion design that fills the gap between premium customized, custom-made garments and mass-produced, readily available clothing is luxury fashion. Fashion relates to high-end apparel that is not only handcrafted but also not mass-produced in large quantities. Luxury clothes could be more desirable to some because of their somewhat more exclusive range and limited availability.

Ready-to-Wear Fashion

Unlike haute couture, which is made-to-order, ready-to-wear apparel, also known as prêt-à-porter, is mass-produced in standardized sizes.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion brands are most likely the bulk of garment brand names that average consumers are familiar with. Fast fashion is defined as mass-produced apparel with a high rate of turnover. The goal to put stylish, marketable clothing on the market as cheaply as possible is at the heart of fast fashion.

Economy Fashion

Economy fashion is at the bottom of the fashion design hierarchy. This is a lower level of style than rapid fashion, with the ultimate objective being to mass-produce clothing as quickly as possible and transport it to retailers. Most budget fashion is designed to profit the manufacturer.