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  • 30 July 2022
What is a Specialization in Fashion Designing

If you're interested in a career in fashion, it's important to learn different ways to apply your skills. Within the world of fashion designing, there are several areas of specialization. Knowing about these options and what they entail can help you focus your studies and choose the right career. In this article, we explore what fashion designing specializations are, the different options you have and how to pursue particular specializations in this field. Fashion designers, sometimes called apparel designers, are creative professionals who design, create and sell clothes and accessories. They specialize in one area of work where they study and follow changes in trends and industry standards. Students in design programs can take classes in their area of interest and search for relevant work after graduation.

Depending on your interests and skill set, there are many options for focusing on an area of fashion design specialisation. Here are some options from which designers can choose:


This is a broad area of focus for fashion designers who work with clothing for various kinds of consumers. Examples range from projects such as school uniforms to costumes. Professionals in this area handle various fabrics and materials. They may focus on a single piece, like a shirt or pants, but they can also make a complete outfit. There's a wide range of clothing styles that apparel designers may create, so many go into specialities within apparel.


Fashion designers who focus on shoes create footwear such as sandals, high heels, sneakers and boots. They may also choose to focus on specific categories of shoes, like functional or athletic footwear. Because shoes are typically one element of a larger outfit, footwear designers may collaborate with other kinds of designers to create a matching ensemble. Shoe designers may create footwear for wider audiences or work exclusively with one client to create bespoke, commissioned shoe designs.


A designer who specializes in accessories works primarily with ornamental pieces that compliment the rest of an outfit. They may work with a wider range of materials to create items such as jewellery, purses, sunglasses and hair clips. Someone who specializes in this area may work with professionals in other areas to plan a cohesive look that incorporates their accessories.