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  • 30 July 2022
Career & Jobs

“Endless career possibility in the industry of Beauty”

In India, the industry is booming and the demand for a cosmetologist is on a high rise in the Fashion World.

As a cosmetologist, you can work in high-end salons, beauty parlours and in luxury hotels/resorts.

The demand for Makeup artists is high in the advertising, television and film industries.

You can make your career being an image consultant, teacher, sales consultant and writing books or articles.

Professional Degree Holder can work with Beauty Therapy Clinics, Skin Clinics, Hospitals, etc.

Some cosmetologists help clients to identify their skin/hair type and how to apply cosmetics, how to care for it and also solve other skin/beauty/hair issues. The career options in cosmetology are wide. The various beauty industries offer a number of career opportunities for professionals to practice and do the job.

It is a career in which you can find lucrative job options with good earnings. The earnings of an individual depend upon their experience and the reputation of the industry. The trained cosmetologists find well-paid jobs in Skin treatment clinics, beauty parlours, salons and high-profile hotels/resorts. Makeup professionals are always in demand in the television and film industries. Also, they are in demand in the fashion world.  The other options are such as being an image consultant, writing books or articles in beauty magazines and also working in the teaching profession.

Skills Required

Professional skills are a must to be successful in a career in Cosmetology. Clients rely on the strengths and skills of their cosmetologists to make them look their best. Thus, a cosmetologist needs to be educated, stylish and authoritative to win and retain a considerable amount of trust. While training, a Diploma or a Certificate is a must for cosmetologists, having the right qualities and confidence level can make or break a career. A cosmetologist beautifies and gives a new look through hair and makeup design. Being naturally creative is important because cosmetologists must envision hairstyles for their clients or should be able to customise a style provided to them.

Customer Service

Cosmetologists should maintain excellent relationships with customers since a large part of their business relies on word of mouth and repeat visits of customers. They need to spend a substantial amount of time with their clients to understand their exact needs, so good communication skills are extremely important. Cosmetologists must listen to the exact needs of their clients and deliver those as per their specific requests.

 Technical Skills

For technical skills, an aspirant must enrol in an institute offering specialised courses pertaining to Cosmetology. These programmes are available through vocational training courses which include makeup, beauty, hair, spa and nail courses.


A cosmetologist must have the physical capability to stand for long periods of time. In addition, cosmetologists are required to do some repetitive activities such as blowing and drying hair, and holding the arms of customers in a fixed position while styling, among others. So they must possess strong physical capabilities and a steady hand.


While styling and cutting customers' hair, manual and finger dexterity skills help cosmetologists to make calculated and coordinated moves. Cosmetologists must be able to grasp, manipulate and assemble items and handle small objects.


The career possibilities in the beauty industry are endless. This industry offers several avenues for cosmetologists to excel and grow. The field of Cosmetology offers lucrative earnings through experience and reputation. Trained cosmetologists can get jobs in well-known beauty parlours, high-end salons, and luxurious hotels and resorts. Makeup professionals are always in demand in the television and film industries. Also, they are in demand in the world of fashion. Other options include being an image consultant, writing books or articles and teaching. Other options for those who hold training and a license in cosmetology are:

    Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists are always in demand in the global fashion arena. For editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances and other public appearances, the clothes and accessories for celebrities, models or public figures are selected by fashion stylists. They are an integral part of a creative team that comprises fashion designers, photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists during the execution of a specific project

  Celebrity & Personality Stylist

Celebrity or personality stylism is a recognised profession in the beauty and fashion industry. Besides being a wardrobe stylist, a celebrity stylist also needs to be an accomplished fashion stylist, who selects the clothing for publishing editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and other public appearances made by celebrities, salon models or other public figures.

Salon Creative Director

These are the professionals who provide the vision and creative direction to a salon or a beauty company. They need to be innovative in creating new hairstyles, colours and techniques that can be used as new trends” in the forthcoming season. So, artistic directors need to be visionaries and fashion-forward individuals with creative minds. They need to be trend-conscious, good communicators and able to manage multi-tasking assignments.


A hairstylist sometimes called a hairdresser or beautician, cuts, colours, bleaches and styles hair. A hairstylist may also provide permanent waves or straightening of hair. Before working on a client, hair stylists analyse hair texture and recommend a style to the customer.

    Nail Technician

This is a unique profession wherein the beauty specialist is responsible for the grooming and enhancing the appearance of a client’s nails through nail shaping, manicures, pedicures, cuticle grooming, callus removal, synthetic nail treatments, and application of nail polish, etc.

  Salon or Spa Manager

The owners or managers of a salon or spa are usually responsible for daily banking, budgeting, expenditures and other financial duties. These can range from managing petty cash for small maintenance tasks around the shop to managing payroll and overseeing employee reports. They also need to conduct personalised communication with the customers for building long-term relationships.


A beautician is an individual who works in a salon and is trained in providing many types of beauty and personal care services, from manicures to brow designing, and waxing to makeup applications.

  Wedding and Event Stylist

A wedding and event stylist is a professional who conceptualises and executes the theme, design, plan and management of a client’s wedding. Weddings are significant events in people’s lives and as such, couples are often willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure that their weddings are well organised.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is a professional who helps to transfigure or escalate the appearance of a client. Professional and well-known makeup artists can also serve as columnists and editors for beauty and style magazines.


Estheticians are often known as skincare specialists. They are experts in scalp massage treatments, light therapy, waxing/threading/hair removal, facials, masks and wraps, makeup application, pore cleansing, body scrubs, moisturising treatments, acne treatments, etc.